Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting Out

I have always had some interest in knitting, and pleaded with my nanny to show me when I was eight years old. She did, but I couldn't quite grasp the concept and my creations were riddled with holes and of varying widths. After many failed attempts to complete a decent project, I put my knitting away and decided it was not for me.

However, in my first year of college, I was challenged by a friend to knit him a scarf for a Christmas gift. I complied and once again sought the direction of my nanny. She 're-taught' me the basics and I was off. During that two and a half week break in 2008, I had successfully completed three scarves, two of which had cables. I was hooked on knitting.

During the second semester, I made many more scarves, dishcloths, potholders, and even a dog sweater. My 'addiction' has continued and two years later I am still knitting, and have even taught myself crochet. Both of my grandmothers have always been quite clever with yarn, and I guess I have acquired their talent.

Recently, I have started to create my own patterns and have received lots of praise from family and friends for my work. I hope to keep up with this blog and my projects so more people may enjoy the wonders of knitting.

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