Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cornrow Dishcloth -- New Ravelry Pattern

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Hey everyone!! This is my new pattern posted on Ravelry! I call it "The Cornrow Dishcloth" The Cornrow Dishcloth pattern is very easy and is useful for fine tuning knitting and purling skills. It can be completed using any color yarn and looks great in both solid and ombre.

This is my first pattern. After some careful thought, my husband and I came up with the name “Cornrow Dishcloth”. The unique stitching in this cloth creates a look mimicking cornrows. During our honeymoon trip to Jamaica I got cornrows, thusly spurring the idea for this unique cloth.

The cloth has a garter stitch border to help keep it from curling with a nice scrunched center to really scrub your dishes. It can be made in any size by manipulating the number of stitches in the “Cast On” row.

I do not mind if you make this pattern and sell it, but PLEASE do not mass produce your product. Also please do not sell this pattern or re-produce to post on other media. If you wish to link, please refer back to the “Ravelry” page.

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