Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today whilst unpacking and then organizing at the new apartment, I stumbled upon some projects long forgotten. Back in January on a Georgia "snow day" -- (I'm originally from Maine and the 1/4" snow accumulation here made me laugh, as did the 2 days off from work/school!!) I made a few baby hats. I then made a few smaller hats which fit wonderfully on baby dolls.

This item is available on my Etsy for $4.00.

Soon after this discovery, I found a flower pouch I made and really had no use for. I was about to toss it into my "frogged" pile, but then realized that my iPod Nano Video fit perfectly inside it. Hooraaaaay, for rummaging!!

This item is available on my Etsy for 3.00.

As always, I am happy to create custom orders for you! Just leave me a message!

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