Friday, September 10, 2010

Out of the Rubble Comes New Life

Yesterday I was pretty bummed about my lack of cotton yarn to keep me sane between large projects. While waiting for my baking to cool - at 1AM again, I had an amazing epiphany. I only had small remnants of Red & Green Cotton, but not enough to make a full project… until now. Out of my cheerlessness over my lack of cotton came this absolutely adorable Yarn Eating Apple. Hooraaay!! To make this apple I used Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton for the apple (brick red) and leaf (light green) and Red Heart Super Saver for the stem (buff) because it dries faster. Used up all of my red and some of my green remnant.

Stay away Snow White -- this apple looks good enough to eat!

I'm still looking forward to the weekend when I can get out to the stores to purchase more cotton (I've already created a huuuuggggeeee queue of projects I want to work once I can build up my stash).

(Yes the Apple is on my Dell laptop. One can dream of a magnificent Apple computer!)

Here is the pattern titled, "Snow White, Beware". Click the image below to purchase.

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