Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Items on Etsy for Sale

Check out my Etsy site for lots of new items including the unique Mermaid Scarf. There are many cute dishcloths, bath poufs, and face scrubbies!! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cornrow Dishcloth -- New Ravelry Pattern

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Hey everyone!! This is my new pattern posted on Ravelry! I call it "The Cornrow Dishcloth" The Cornrow Dishcloth pattern is very easy and is useful for fine tuning knitting and purling skills. It can be completed using any color yarn and looks great in both solid and ombre.

This is my first pattern. After some careful thought, my husband and I came up with the name “Cornrow Dishcloth”. The unique stitching in this cloth creates a look mimicking cornrows. During our honeymoon trip to Jamaica I got cornrows, thusly spurring the idea for this unique cloth.

The cloth has a garter stitch border to help keep it from curling with a nice scrunched center to really scrub your dishes. It can be made in any size by manipulating the number of stitches in the “Cast On” row.

I do not mind if you make this pattern and sell it, but PLEASE do not mass produce your product. Also please do not sell this pattern or re-produce to post on other media. If you wish to link, please refer back to the “Ravelry” page.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today whilst unpacking and then organizing at the new apartment, I stumbled upon some projects long forgotten. Back in January on a Georgia "snow day" -- (I'm originally from Maine and the 1/4" snow accumulation here made me laugh, as did the 2 days off from work/school!!) I made a few baby hats. I then made a few smaller hats which fit wonderfully on baby dolls.

This item is available on my Etsy for $4.00.

Soon after this discovery, I found a flower pouch I made and really had no use for. I was about to toss it into my "frogged" pile, but then realized that my iPod Nano Video fit perfectly inside it. Hooraaaaay, for rummaging!!

This item is available on my Etsy for 3.00.

As always, I am happy to create custom orders for you! Just leave me a message!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are officially settled in our new apartment. Last Friday we packed up the moving truck and made the 1.5 hour drive south to our new place. Yes, ladies and gentleman -- I helped move a washer, dryer (from upstair) and a couch. It was hard work, and I could barely move the next day... but we are so glad to be here. My knitting/crocheting has been put on hold for a bit, but I've still managed a few small projects (mostly completed while commuting).

However, on my trip to Maine I was able to complete many more squares for my Granny Square Afghan, 2 fish motifs, a double thick potholder, and three granny square potholders. I also got a start on a custom order for a Starghan.

During the next few weeks (other than sorting through boxes for the apartment) I hope to get more done on the Starghan and work on some pot holders and dishcloths for the new apartment. I also have a Mermaid Scarf about 25% completed. Lots of projects to finish before I start anything new.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Airplane Crochet

On my recent trip up to Maine from Georgia, I crocheted at least fifteen 5"x5" blocks for my granny square afghan. Only 25 left in the blue and another 40 in the purple (plus the edging and seaming...) Lots more work, but it's keeping me busy on the plane. I was psyched when I discovered you could bring crochet projects on airplanes!! Pictures soon!