Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are officially settled in our new apartment. Last Friday we packed up the moving truck and made the 1.5 hour drive south to our new place. Yes, ladies and gentleman -- I helped move a washer, dryer (from upstair) and a couch. It was hard work, and I could barely move the next day... but we are so glad to be here. My knitting/crocheting has been put on hold for a bit, but I've still managed a few small projects (mostly completed while commuting).

However, on my trip to Maine I was able to complete many more squares for my Granny Square Afghan, 2 fish motifs, a double thick potholder, and three granny square potholders. I also got a start on a custom order for a Starghan.

During the next few weeks (other than sorting through boxes for the apartment) I hope to get more done on the Starghan and work on some pot holders and dishcloths for the new apartment. I also have a Mermaid Scarf about 25% completed. Lots of projects to finish before I start anything new.

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