Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boston Terrier Galore

Wow, the last few weeks have flown by. I haven't done loads of crochet or knit work, but I have managed to complete a few small projects (all Boston Terrier themed).

The first is "Hunny's After Surgery Blanket". My Boston Terrier, Hunny is going in for surgery on May 10th to remove a possibly malignant growth from between the pads on her paw. She is very active and playful, and this will set her back for a few weeks. The blanket will hopefully help to relax her while she recovers. The pattern is from "Beth's Little Star Afghan".

The second project is Hunny's "No-No Bootie". The idea came from the "no-no's" they put on babies arms after surgery to prevent them from pulling out their IV's, stitches; etc. Hunny will have stitches on her paw, and my mom was worried about her pulling them out. This little bootie just slips up over her paw and is held with a draw string. The excess stings tuck into the inside, hopefully preventing Hunny to chew on her stitches. It will also serve as some extra padding as she will probably try to walk on her sore paw.

The third and fouth projects will have to remain secrets until after Mother's Day.

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