Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grub Scrub Dishcloths

The new "Grub Scrub" dishcloths have been posted to my Etsy site and will be available soon on Soap & Cotton. You can find my Etsy storefront on the right side panel. I have also posted some soaps on Etsy as well.

I've been rather busy over the last few weeks. I started back at school on Tuesday. I've been working on multiple projects on CAD and am especially enjoying the features of my new MacBook Pro. I'm taking a "Rapid Visualization" class which is teaching us how to visualize and sketch quickly. So far I'm doing alright, but I have to "shut" my brain off or I over-concentrate and do poorly.

This week I taught my mom how to Skype. After a few tries we got it working and I've been enjoying video conferences with Mom, Dad, Josh, Auntie Gail & Hunny. Next week my grandmothers dog Q.T. is staying over, so I guess I'll have a chat with her too!!

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